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    Emanyeru Kouseitan'i
    Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

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    Name:Emanyeru Kouseitan'i/ Dark Shadow Element
    Affiliation:In Between
    Age: 25
    Height: 7' 2"
    Weight: 195
    Bio: Originating from america he moved to japan where he was christened Emanyeru Kouseitan'i. He later found out the reason for this was because in his childhood he had a wierd knack for torturing the other kids by using the elements
    Allies:none at the moment

    Powers : Is able to control the elements relatively easily. Though it seems to affect his mental stability by doing so

    Equipment:He has a sword that he only uses when he's really annoyed.

    Outfit:Has some black baggy pants with a large grey long sleeved shirt and a black vest with fingerless gloves and a black metal face mask.

    Strengths:Speed, Strength and intelligence

    weakness's:ability to get along with other's, constant mental instability
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