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    Hell Spawn
    Hell Spawn

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    Name: Spawn
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Hell
    Age: ( self explanitory )
    Height: (self explanitory )
    Weight: ( self explanitory )
    Bio: Albert Francis Simmons was a highly decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the United Civilized States Marine Corps. He later joined the United Civilized States Secret Service and became a highly decorated member, most notably for saving the President in an assassination attempt. This led to his promotion to the CIA. In the CIA, he was recruited into a special division known as the U.C.S. Security Group, a high-level task force with jurisdiction in all domestic and foreign situations.

    Al questioned many of the actions of his agency, particular of its director Jason Wynn, believing that certain missions involved the unnecessary sacrifice of innocent civilians. Wynn and Simmons began to butt heads more often and Simmons planned to resign. He returned home, and beat and raped Wanda in his blind rage at Wynn, something that would rest heavily on Simmons' thoughts and haunt him later.

    Upon learning of Al's resignation, Wynn ordered an assassin (initially Youngblood's Chapel, but later retconned to be Jessica Priest after arguments with Rob Liefeld) to murder Simmons. Simmons was sent to Hell, due to his life as a mercenary, and made a deal with Malebolgia: Al would be reborn a Hellspawn, a lieutenant in Hell's army, if he is allowed to see his wife one final time.
    Malebolgia returns Simmons to the world, but with little memory, a badly disfigured body, limited yet seemingly boundless magical powers, and a monitor, the Clown, AKA Violator. Simmons slowly realizes that five years have passed. When he decides to visit Wanda for his "one final visit", he shapeshifts his body, but discovers his transformation ability cannot give him his former appearance - he finds himself turned into an unknown white man. He discovers that his wife, Wanda Blake, has since married his best friend, Terry Fitzgerald, and the two have a daughter, Cyan.

    Now known as Spawn, Al's first few adventures are anti-hero in nature: he takes down street gangs and organized crime (including their enforcer Overtkill), and he kills a child molester/murderer named Billy Kincaid. Most notable of all in his early adventures, Spawn would encounter Dave Sim's Cerebus the Aardvark. Spawn encounters Anti-Spawn, who is actually Jason Wynn (unknown to Al), and the Redeemer (a God-fearing man transformed in a similar fashion as Wynn). He survives an assault by Angela, an angel whose mission in Heaven is to hunt Hellspawns for sport and claims the Medieval Spawn as one of her trophies. As this occurs, he takes over the alleys that comprise "Rat City" and befriends the homeless within it, becoming their champion. In particular, an old bum named Cogliostro seems to know a lot about him. Cogliostro and the Clown act as polar guides for Al, trying to convince him to use his powers for good and evil respectively. The Clown shows that he can transform into his real form, a demon known as the Violator. In his earliest adventures, he also encounters Harry Houdini, who teaches Spawn some new tricks, saves Terry from being murdered by the mob (leading to a bullet ripping up Spawn's face, which his friend Bobby ties shut with a shoelace to conserve his energy timer), reveals that he is Al to Terry (which Terry mysteriously forgets), and brings his friend Bobby back to life after being killed by Chapel. Spawn would eventually encounter Cyan, who takes the shoe lace from his face. "Shoestring face" Spawn would remain one of the iconic visuals of the character.

    Allies:Satan (Father, reincarnation), Hell spawn(Reincarnation)

    Powers :
    Surging Plasma Shock
    Hell spawn Releases a devastating shockwave of green electricity, capable of destroying stone.

    Plasmetic Short Circuit
    Hell Spawn creates a plametic blast of green electricity to shoot from his eyes.

    Metophoric Skin
    Hell Spawn can Transform his appearances.

    Gate Way To HEll
    Hell Spawn can create a path/ opening to hell.

    Flame Gauntlet
    Hell Spawn sends a wave of fire covering his claw s he strikes the opponent down.

    Flame Jet
    Hell spawn sends a roaring blast of spiraling flames at the opponent.
    Hell Spawn
    Hell Spawn

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    Spawn Hell Form
    Hell Spawn Hellspawn
    Spawn God Form
    See avatar
    Spawn Gun Form
    Hell Spawn 25_hellspawn_L
    Spawn Plasma Form
    Hell Spawn Spawn
    Titan of Rage
    Titan of Rage

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    spawn is with image comics............

    Hell Spawn Ultimate-Hulk

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