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    By the time of the original Baxter Building's destruction, Reed Richards, brilliant scientist and leader of the Fantasic Four, had already begun to realize that his increasing amount of inventions and equipment was taking up all of the team's available space. After Kristoff Vernard sent the building into space and obliterated it, Reed had the perfect opportunity to rethink his approach to their living space. The result: Four Freedoms Plaza, a 1500', 100 story building of advanced composites, concrete, and glass, designed to Richards's specifications. The top section was built to show the numeral 4 on each side. Of the 100 floors, the top 50 belong to the team, while the bottom 50 belong to the former tenants of the Baxter Building. Reed, realizing the obvious inconvenience of a supervillain destroying your home, offered the tenants increased space under their old terms, including their 99-year leases.

    The 'four section' floors were obliterated by an evil double of Reed Richards during the Infinity War event. Only a combination of powers by Invisible Woman and a version of Thor saved lives and the rest of the building.

    When the mutant threat Onslaught unleashed an army of Sentinels against New York City, the Fantastic Four teamed with others of Earth's mightiest superheroes to face the threat. Many of the heroes, including the Four, seemingly sacrificed themselves to save the city (as well as saving Reed and Susan Richards's son Franklin, whose incredible power Onslaught wanted to combine with his own). This was not the case, however, as Franklin used his powers to create an alternate universe where the Four unknowingly relived their lives.

    Meanwhile, with the Fantastic Four gone, a group called the Masters of Evil impersonating the superhero team the Thunderbolts took over residence of the building and destroyed it. Upon returning from the alternate reality with Franklin, Reed and the Fantastic Four were forced to move into their former warehouse, Pier 4. Eventually Reed Richards and an inventor named Noah Baxter built a new Baxter Building in space, and moved it to the location of the former Baxter Building, which remains the Fantastic Four's current headquarters.[1]

    The alternate future of Marvel 2099 still has a Four Freedoms Plaza. It is used by the corporation Stark-Fujikawa.

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