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    Name: Ravenous

    Gender: Male

    Affiliation: Seekers Leader

    Age: Unknown

    Height: Unknown

    Weight: Unknown

    Bio: There are few hard facts known about Ravenous and his Seekers. It is believed that he originated in the Negative Zone and was recruited by Annihilus. It is unknown whether Annihilus had a hand in his creation. Those who have entered the Negative Zone have whispered of the Seekers for years. Ravenous has been singled out as their leader. He has been described as an unstoppable force of nature by those who have encountered him and survived.
    Seeking to unlock the possibilities of biological application of the Power Cosmic, Annihilus assigned Ravenous and his Seekers the task of finding the famed Heralds of Galactus. He was to capture them alive for experimentation. The Annihilation Wave destroyed the Xandar Cluster, and Ravenous and his Seekers were sent to that region of space to find Air-Walker and Firelord. They were both former Heralds of Galactus, which were native to the planet Xandar.

    Ravenous had control of dog like creatures called Currs. The Currs are the Seekers tracking devices. These Currs are attached to the Seekers by glowing umbilical cords. They have no eyes, but they use sensory like tentacles to find their way through the cosmos. Currs appear to come in packs of threes and are conduits of the Opposing Force, allowing them to track the Heralds through hyperspace with no apparent problems. Upon locating Air-Walker, Ravenous became disappointed that Air-Walker was a machine and terminated him in spite of the Silver Surfer interference.

    The Seekers tracked the Silver Surfer to the Skrull controlled Tercera Prime Peripheral System of the Andromeda Galaxy; there they were defeated in a futile attempt to apprehend him. After their defeat, the Silver Surfer fled to the Obada’an Rim within the Badoon, Skrull Neutral Zone. He had been summoned there by his former master, Galactus. Sensing the magnitude of the Annihilation Wave, Galactus bestowed a massive gift of the Power Cosmic to his former Herald, thus increasing his power tremendously. The arrogant Ravenous engaged the Herald fiercely, but he was handed a humbling defeat by the newly unleashed power of the Silver Surfer. The Ex-Herald Terrax the Tamer, was not as fortunate as the Silver Surfer. He was tracked and captured by the Seekers on star-sleds.

    Ravenous appeared with a group of cosmic warriors on the planet of Daedalus 5 which consisted of: Terrax the Tamer (who was under mind control), Paibok the Power Skrull, a giant Mad Thinker android, and the Infant Terrible. They were ordered to attack the United Front. This group was held to a stale mate by Nova and the others. Ravenous noticed Praxagora, a being from the Negative Zone, standing with the United Front. Not willing to concede the battle, he unleashed the Centurions. They were 100 super powered beings from the planets in the Negative Zone. The United Front fell to the overwhelming might of the new attackers. The Front retreated from the planet.

    Occupation: Conqueror

    Allies: Unknown

    Powers :
    All the Seekers contain the Essences or the Opposing Force. It is the equivalent of the Power Cosmic. This makes the Seekers of the Negative Zone more than an adequate match for the Heralds of Galactus. Ravenous is able to stand with the likes of Silver Surfer and even known to call Galactus weak in his presense without fear.

    All of the Seekers are superhumanly (strong and durable. It is not known whether this is a natural inherent ability, or an adverse reaction to their being in the positive universe.

    Star Sleds: These sleds are the Seekers primary mode of transportation. When they are not being used the, sleds are folded up and hidden in the pockets of the Seekers clothing.

    The Seeker are incredibly powerful humanoid beings from the Negative Zone. They channel the Essences (also known as the Opposing Force), through dog like creatures called Currs. They are led by the Prime Seeker known as Lord Ravenous. The Seekers were a major facet of the Annihilation Wave. This was an invasion of the positive universe led by the tyrant Annihilus. The seekers tracked down and captured the Heralds of Galactus known as Morg and Terrax the Tamer. Lord Ravenous destroyed the the Herald known as Air Walker. The Seekers have not been seen since the defeat of the Annihilation Wave. Lord Ravenous now resides on the Kree world of Hala.

    The Currs hail from some unknown planet in the Negative Zone. They first appeared in the positive universe as the tracking devices for the Seekers of Annihilus. The Seekers were warriors that were on par with the Heralds of Galactus. Instead of the Power Cosmic the Seekers and Currs possessed the Opposing Force. It was with the help of the Currs that Ravenous was able to track down Air-Walker.
    Home World

    Distinguishing Features:
    They use sensory like tentacles to find their way through the cosmos. They are only found in packs of threes and are attached to each other by a glowing umbilical cord.

    Physical Description:
    Dog like creatures with no eyes.

    Annihilus persuaded the inhabitants of the Negative Zone that they were on the verge of being erased from existence by the ever expanding positive universe, which was crossing into their realm to follow his "General" Ravenous. They reluctantly joined Annihilus in a quest for survival. He gathered one hundred super powered beings known as the Centurions, as his elite cosmic strike force.

    Base of Operations
    The Negative Zone

    Current Members:
    Hybelea, Torrent, Espia, Ravenous

    Former Members:
    Warlord Smyt

    Other Members (Honorary, Reserve, etc.):
    95 unknown inhabitants of the Negative Zone.

    Weapons: Ravenous has access to an arsenal of military weapons.

    Outfit: -Look at Avi-

    Strengths: Unknown limited power like The Heralds of Galactus.
    Also has control of the Seekers,Centurions,and his pets "Currs"

    weaknesses: Unknown

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