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    Post by Hulk on Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:20 am

    Name: Bruce Banner
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Unknown (my intentions are never bad to begin with)
    Age: ( self explanitory )
    Height: (self explanitory )
    Weight: ( self explanitory )

    Bio: During the experimental detonation of a gamma bomb, scientist Bruce Banner rushes to save a teenager who has driven onto the testing field. Pushing the teen, Rick Jones, into a trench, Banner himself is caught in the blast, absorbing massive amounts of radiation. He awakens later in an infirmary, seeming relatively unscathed, but that night transforms into a lumbering green form that breaks through the wall and escapes. A soldier in the ensuing search party dubs the otherwise unidentified creature a "hulk"

    As Bruce Banner, he is considered one of the greatest minds on Earth. He has developed expertise in the fields of biology, chemistry, engineering, and physiology, and holds a Ph.D. in nuclear physics. He possesses "a mind so brilliant it cannot be measured on any known intelligence test".

    Allies: Avengers

    Powers : The Hulk possesses the potential for near-limitless physical strength depending directly on his emotional state, particularly his anger
    His durability, healing, and endurance also increase in proportion to his temper.
    The Hulk is resistant to most forms of injury or damage and has been shown to have both regenerative and adaptive healing abilities, including growing tissues to allow him to breathe underwater, surviving unprotected in space (yet still needing to breathe), and when injured, healing from almost any wound within seconds.

    His powerful legs allow him to leap into lower Earth orbit or across continents. He also has less commonly described powers, including abilities allowing him to "home in" to his place of origin in New Mexico, and to see and interact with astral forms

    Equipment: (Keep this reasonable, you cant hold unlimited guns and ammunition etc. )

    Outfit: Shorts....very big shorts

    Strengths: well.....me o.o

    weakness's: hmm....nice question
    The Punisher
    The Punisher

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    Post by The Punisher on Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:30 pm

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