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    Name: Remy LeBeau

    Remy LeBeau, the mutant known as Gambit, began life as an orphan on the streets of New Orleans. He bacame a pickpocket in order to survive. One day he happened to pick the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau the leader of the Thieves guild. Seemingly Jean-Luc liked the boy Remy and adopted him into his family and the guild(hence Remy's last name). Remy learned his thieving skills from the guild and I asume his fighting skills too. His mutant power to kinecticly charge objects surfaced during this time and he learned to use this gift in theiving and in battle. There was another guild in New Orleans. The Assasins guild, the enemy of the thieves guild. Remy fell in love with Belladonna, the daughter of the leader of the assasins guild. They got married and there was seemingly peace for a while. But events led to the "death" of Belladonna and later her resurection and Remy's exile from the guild, but that's a whole mess I don't want to get into. After Belladonna's "death" Remy worked for the evil mutant known as Sinister. He brought together a group of murderers called the Mauraders and led them to the Morlock tunnels. Much to Gambit's dismay, the Maurauders began slaughtering the Morlocks(he didn't know that that was what they were going to do). He tried to stop the slaughter and was almost killed, but he managed to save one little child called Sarah(who later became Marrow). It's unclear what Remy did after that, but later he met a de-aged Storm and followed her home to the X-Men. Since joining the X-Men Gambit has fought for Xavier's dream and done what he could to atone for his sins keeping his past a dark secret. He has also developed an attraction for the mutant called Rogue. And even though her power wouldn't permit them to touch he came to love her. Recent events allowed these to people to touch in Antartica and also brought Gambit's past to light. The X-Men and Gambit's lady love where horrified by what he had done and they left the guilt ridden cajun in Antartica in Uncanny X-Men #350. As of Uncanny X-Men #361 Gambit shows up again in Korea. Apparently he's there to steal a gem, a Cyttorak gem that Storm and ShadowCat have gone to recover. Storm plans on aiding Cain Marko, from whom the power was leeched and stolen. Kitty is there as backup. When Storm realizes Gambit is there, she gets kind of mad at him for not telling the people who care about him that he's still alive. He responds that he didn't know anyone cared. They agree to cooperate, but the first one to get the gem, gets it. In the end that ends up being Gambit, but he has a change of heart and takes it to Black Tom Juggernaut. Storm ends up going back and they find him there. She invites him back to the X-Men so he can resolve the problems with them and Rogue, because seperation could make them enemies and she doesn't want that. He agrees to go back.

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