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    Stark Tower Empty Stark Tower

    Post by Jean Grey on Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:15 pm


    Built over four years Stark Tower was finally opened to the public. Despite Stark's vision of the pinnacle of modern architecture no potential tenant wanted to hire office space within the gleaming edifice due to Stark's tenure as Iron Man and his association to the Avengers. People feared that the building would be destroyed by an alien attack; as evidenced by the many times that the Fantastic Four's headquarters was destroyed. So deciding that it be used for something he donated the top three floors to the new Avengers team; incidently the very people who would be attacked by aliens!!


    The Tower is comprised of some of the most advanced technology in the world and is built with nigh indestructible materials. Every wall both interior and exterior is made of Vibranium reinforced concrete, the windows too are virtually indestructible though Spider-Man did throw Wolverine through one due to Logan teasing Peter about Mary Jane having an affair with Tony Stark. It is believed that Stark has gotten his money back from the company that made the glass.

    Aside from lavish living quarters the Tower has technical labs, medical labs, an armory, state-of-the-art gym, Iron Man's 'Hall of Armour', and a Hanger bay which houses two of the latest Quinjets (the third was destroyed in the Savage Land).

    The top three floors were originally designed as Stark's home, however, they were later turned into a headquarters and home equipped with state of the art technology for all of their day to day activities. Recently, the Sentry's Watchtower has installed itself atop the tower becoming a striking landmark for all to see.

    In the wake of the passing of the Superhuman Registration Act, Stark Tower acted as the base of operations for the government task force led by Iron Man and charged with enforcing the Act. At this time, the Avengers broke apart leaving Tony Stark to for the Mighty Avengers who continued to occupy the Main Tower's higher levels. The building also had a squad of Cape-Killers stationed as guards, their call sign was Force Unit 9.

    During the events of World War Hulk, a violent battle between The Hulk and Iron Man causes the destruction and collapse of Stark Tower. Now that the rebuilding of Manhattan has begun it could be believed that the Tower will also be restored.

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