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    100 Story Building

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    100 Story Building Empty 100 Story Building

    Post by Jean Grey on Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:20 pm

    Of the 100 story building:

    * Floors 1 through 50 belong to the former tenants of the Baxter Building (e.g. Quasar).

    * Floors 51-70 are "buffer floors", where the tenants do not have 99 year leases. Reed has left this space available in case the team expands or grows and needs more space.

    * Floors 71-100 serve as the headquarters for the team. The layout of the floors is essentially the same as that of the Baxter Building.

    * Floor 71 is a reception area where the team's robot Roberta acts as both a receptionist and a guardian for the rest of the building.

    * Floor 72 acts as an inn where guests of the team can stay. Two suites maintained solely for aquatic visitors (such as Atlanteans) are accessible from pool entrances. These pools can also be used as aquatic conference rooms, and each suite has a different type of water: one fresh water and one salt water. A watertight elevator connects these suites with the river access tunnel on Sublevel 5.

    * Floors 73-75 are the team's living quarters. Besides the four members of the team the floor also accommodated Alicia Masters (later revealed to be the Skrull Lyja), Crystal, Ms. Marvel II, Wyatt Wingfoot, and She-Hulk among others. There was also a kitchen, pantry, spa, two gyms (one for normal strength levels, the other for super-strong users), a large library, and a computerized classroom.

    * Floors 76 and 77 functions as the team's command center. Meeting rooms, communications stations, links to Starcore and other astronomical organizations, and a computerized medical station are here.

    * Floors 78-80 are storage for miscellaneous supplies. These floors serve as future expansion space and as a buffer in case of a disaster in Reed's laboratory. Alicia claimed a section of 78 as a studio for the times she stayed in the building.

    * Floors 81-99 act as Reed's laboratory and storage for his equipment. There is an identical workstation on each floor, enabling Reed to work on any floor. The workstation consists of computer terminals, communications console, and mechanical fabricators. None of these workstations is located overhead any other workstation and no three of them are in a straight line. This minimizes the risk of several stations being destroyed in a battle. The workstations were linked to each other and to a similar console in the Richards's home.

    * Floors 90 and 91 contains the Negative Zone Portal. The Portal is in a heavily armored room with walls of strongly reinforced material.

    * Floors 98 and 99 serve as warehouse and machine shops. They support the hangar on 100 and act as a buffer to absorb damage from possible hangar disasters. Fuel tanks for the FF's vehicles are on 99.

    * Floor 100 is the FF's hangar. It fills the space under the four immense fours that top the building.

    * The building's foundation reaches 150' into the Manhattan bedrock. There are ten floors there. Sublevels 1-2 are used by the building's maintenance staff. Sublevels 3-4 contain the freight docks and tenant warehouse facilities. A railroad spur enable large masses of freight to be moved in or out without the need to deal with the impenetrable Manhattan traffic. Sublevels 5-15 are restricted to the Fantastic Four. These floors containe special devices and support facilities for floors 71-100. Sublevel 5 contain the water-filled conduit that reach the Hudson River; this permits aquatic visitors to directly reach the complex without suffering the indignity of having to swim through the NYC sewer system.

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